Malmö, Are You Ready-To-Wear The Future?

Experience Design in Malmo, Sweden.

As I stepped off the train from Copenhagen at Malmo’s Central Station I was transported in to an artists utopia.From the modernest architecture, to the smart streets that act as intelligent pathways for pedestrian, bike and auto traffic to the meticulous craft of Swedish minimalism felt in every building, floor plan and fixture this community was designed to welcome design thinkers from all over the world. This immersive environment was the perfect stage for The Conference, a uniting of the brightest designers, engineers and scientists who are shaping the intersection business, education, art and technology.

From Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to Drones and Space Travel to the Internet of Things and Wearables the possibilities of how technology in the hands of the brightest minds could create an exciting future fraught with opportunities for our planet and humankind.

When The Conference organizers ask me to speak, I couldn’t have been more honored and excited to share my optimism, energy and activism for the growing woman in creative & tech movement as well as share how Ready-To-Wear Tech is having a profound impact on the future of industries.

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My Talk, Ready-To-Wear The Future, began my sharing my belief that there is a unique dialog between fiction and invention. For me — I use the inspiration of fiction and storytelling to inspire my ideas and designs.Whether it is the magic carpets and fly shoes from the tales of Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grim or the Comics of Frank Miller or space fantasies of Gene Roddenberry, Experience Designers should do more than simply collect data they should give the wearers super human powers that elevate the mundane into enchanting experience powered by data.When we do we can impact the we work, live and play.

Empowered By Wearables — My Talk

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Empowered By Wearables Q&A

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55.604981 13.003822

Gamla staden, Malmö, Sweden


Originally published at on August 23, 2015.



Artist, Activist, Inventor, Designer of intelligent things that are useful, usable and magical. |

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Joanna Peña-Bickley

Artist, Activist, Inventor, Designer of intelligent things that are useful, usable and magical. |