Joanna Peña-Bickley, Global Chief Creative Officer Challenging C2 Montréal use AI to reinvent time and get down to the business of designing a better future.

Reinventing Time in the Cognitive Era: A New Age of Global Enlightenment

We stand at the frontier of enormous change, powered by a global wave of technology, awakening everything in its path to new ways of working and living. At the dawn of the cognitive era we have an incredible opportunity to change the very nature of time. IBM Watson scales human intelligence, releasing us from the mundane and repetitive tasks that have defined the traditional work day. In this new renaissance, in which time is measured in magical moments, we are igniting a new age of global enlightenment, by design. With time on our side, we can enjoy that most elite of pastimes. We are free to think. Cognitive intelligence releases us from the devices that enslave us, and unshackles human creativity to outthink the world’s biggest problems.

In May, I had the honor of taking the stage to share my passion for designing cognitive experiences as one of the keynotes at C2 Montréal. My talk opened the Future of Work and focused on how we will need to reinvent time and use AI to enable us to make bolder breakthroughs.

Thanks to my globe trotting brilliant design team Alex Sinclair and Chris Degnen for their tireless creativity in helping me bring this topic to life on stage.

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