The Cognitive #StoryMakers Are Here

By Joanna Peña-Bickley & Alex Sinclair

The cognitive era has given way to a new generation of creators. The Story Makers, they are the artist, creative technologists and experiences designers that are revisiting what it means to design for space and time through interactive experiences.

Saturday, at the TRIBECA Film Festival, I had the honor of giving a Talk on Storytelling In The Cognitive Era — Asking, How Would Orson Welles Tackle It? Take a listen below.

StoryMakers Workshop:
Co-create War of The World’s 4D Movie Trailer Experience

Using your imagination and technologies, such as: virtual and augmented reality, 4D theater experiences like haptics in seats, wind, rain, fog, thunder, delivered across all available mediums, from a device to an interactive theater, to the side of a building, create a trailer for an updated War of the Worlds that will prompt the same audience reaction.

Read more in Forbes and our Think Blog

Special Thanks go out to our wonderful experience design team and my all girl #MillenialChangeMakers Team — you are truly the future of Experience Design #Tribecca2016 #CognitiveEra

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